Who Is The Narrator
As usual I was all alone in my courtyard. It was about 7 in the morning and I fell asleep reading my regular copy of TOI. Everything was calm and quiet until a sudden bursting noise broke my sleep and I was wide awake. I got up from my seat looked around but couldn't find anything suspicious except for my little cat Betty who kept staring at me with her poised green eyes. ... See More
10 Aug, 2017
You Are My Perfectness
I was angry, frustrated and helpless all at the same time. People say this day is suppose to be the best day of your life, but for me it was a nightmare. I had never met him, Dad had showed me his photo a week before and he left me with no choice but to agree to it because according to Indian parents in majority of Indian geography think that girls don't have the right to ... See More
03 Sep, 2017
A Share Of Happiness
Walking towards my office everyday I saw this lady by the road side. She would never ask for much but just showed her hand when we would pass by. She was too old to be employed and too fragile to be begging in the road side. I always wondered what would be the story behind her misery. Why was she here every day that early in the morning and stayed there till late evening? ... See More
02 Dec, 2017
Festivity Of Accomplishments
Always nurtured in the comfort zone with Mom and Dad, I had never known the pain of staying away from home. But since I started working in Hugh Technolabs I had to move to Jaipur leaving behind my city and the people I loved the most in life. It has been a year now and living alone in a big city all alone surely gives me a feeling of being independent but at the same time when ... See More
20 Oct, 2017