I Love You Mom
     Tears rolled down from her eyes when she looked at that framed picture of her mother hanging over the wall tucked in the mid of a garland. Arohi lost her mother years back. Since then not even a single day has passed when she had not missed her. Her mother's face was all over her mind, her smile, her anger, her humor and her way of making everyone happy... See More
02 Jul, 2017
After Love
"I just don't understand him at all. No one is this busy, he just pretends. And all his free time is dedicated to his good for nothing friends." Shreya was shouting from the other end of the phone.Hey there! I am the common friend of the guy and girl. And maybe this is the reason I had been called 18 times since last night by Shreya. Also to mention, 8 times by Ricky which were... See More
08 Aug, 2017
A Life Of Kindness
With Diwali around the corner there were numerous invites on my table. Cultural programs mostly. "Shlok Goyal, Marketing Head", the 12th invite read. I opened it up to know it was from a human welfare society, who were hosting an NGO event this weekend. The topic was "Miracles Of Giving" and I found myself already shifting my schedule and weekend plans to attend the ... See More
02 Dec, 2017
Twisted Aisle To My Dreams
Alisha was getting done with all her photoshoots and picture edits two days before the deadline, reason being the family get together for Diwali in Jaipur. Two years ago, her father who was in a central government job got transferred to Delhi. Thereafter, Alisha joined Indian Institute of Photography, much to her family's surprise, because they wanted her to opt for som... See More
18 Oct, 2017
As The Love Is Never Lost
"Hello Mr. Tanmay. We are calling from the Child's Welfare trust.This is to inform you that there is a girl of around 4 years up for adoption who you would be interested in. You can come by tomorrow to meet her."I just reached office when I got this call.I'll turn 37 in a few months and my routine consisted of going to office every morning and returning to my empty house, with ... See More
15 Feb, 2018