That Girl Episode 1
Riya's point of view   Life sucks! Doesn't it? Yeah.. yeah! I know I might be sounding very teenager-ish but dude I just entered post-teen-age and I already feel so old. I was lost in all these lame thoughts that I heard my name being called!   "Riya Ahluwalia!"   I took a long breathe and entered there. It was my first interview e... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Episode 2
Paridhi's pov: "Hey! Am I speaking to Miss. Riya Ahluwalia?", I interrogated. "Yes, that's me! Who is this?" "Mam. You have been selected for the post of Manager in our company. You have cleared your interview. You can join in from next Monday.   "If there is any query, you can call on this number." "Thank You. But I am not interested in that j... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Episode 3
Vishwajeet's pov: "Good! You apologized. Its alright! I guess you came to know that I am not some 'Sifaarishi Laal'. Next time, before you judge anyone, go through the facts. I will be joining from Monday." That was her response to the mail Paridhi sent her. I mean what the fuck man! I re-read it for over 15th time. How dare she talk like that to me? With VISHW... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Episode 4
Vishwajeet's pov:   "This will be your cubicle. Just next to my cabin. One door opens in my cabin and the opposite one in the corridor. Ours is the one of the best companies of the country. And that is because my ex - manager Paridhi managed it so well. Almost 80% credit of the success goes to her. And I hope, that explains you how much responsibility ... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Episode 5
Riya's pov: "Papppa... 2 minutes aur.. College ki chutti hai aaj toh!", I yawned and rubbed my eyes. I opened an eye. And saw Vishwajeet Sir looking at me with his eyes opened widely. I realized that I wasn't at my home. I don't live there anymore anyway. I stood up in a reflex and muttered a quick sorry. I saw the file in his hand. And said," Sir I wrote it by h... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Episode 6
Riya's pov: "Attitude Ki Dukkkkan", I murmured under my breath. "I heard that by the way", he chuckled and left my cubicle. Sun liya to sun liya.. Anyways, who cares? I got a day-off. I want to sleep thiiiiiiiis much. The only thing I love more than Paneer-Tikka is "SLEEP"! I went to my apartment. And saw that moronic lock gaping at me. 1 BHK flat. That's it... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Episode 7
Riya's pov: I stormed upto him and grabbed his collar.. "Samjhate kya hain aap apne aap ko?" "Your Boss! And I liked your work yesterday so that's a reward for you. As simple as that." "I don't want this. I want that matchbox cubicle back." "Woaah! Why?" "Because. I don't want people to utter shit that I got something because of my Dad's reputation. I don't ... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Episode 8
Vishwajeet's pov: *One Month Leap* "Paridhi.. You won't believe she is amazing. She does all the work with Paridhi Perfection! And she is so good at everything." "Ahaaan Thulley! Praising a girl! For her skills other than seducing you!! Ahem ahem!!! Beta, Kuch Toh Hua Hai!!"   "Not really. She is good, I mean. She cooks so good. She brings tiffin for ... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Episode 9
Vishwajeet's pov: "Riya! How come you live alone?? I mean what actually happened???", I asked out of the blue. Not knowing that I struck the wrong chords. Her hand stopped in mid air and she put back the morsel she was about to take. A tiny pearl rolled down her cheek. And I realized what blunder I did. That was the point... The exact point... When it all became ... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Episode 10
Riya's pov:   Yesterday, he hugged me and comforted me. He understood me, supported me that I took the right decision. The decision to chase my dreams. He is my boss and I am his employee. There is nothing like "that". You know, Ishq Wala Love thing. But may be? May be I am falling for him?   I haven't fell this way before for anyone! ... See More
02 Jul, 2017
That Girl Final Episode
Riya's pov:   He was down on his knees and everything was so unexpected.   I didn't know what to say.   "Beti... Say yes!"   I heard a voice.   "Pappa???"   "Lights", Vishwajeet spoke.   "Uncle,usko answer to dene dete!"   "Papa-Mumma! You? Here?"   "I am sorry beti.&nbs... See More
02 Jul, 2017
Because She Is There
So here am I...Sitting all alone...Thinking about her...Because She is There...So here am I...Sitting all alone...Thinking about her... Her?? Arey wo hi idiot jisne meri life ki mother sister together kar rakhi hai... My best friend... Arini...NOT even in my worst nightmare I have ever imagined that she will turn out to be the daydream of my life. I don't know when I fell ... See More
30 Jul, 2017
Sab Moh Maaya Hai
"You don't know him. He loves me till the moon and back. Break it is, not break -up!"And that was it...I banged my hand on my forehead and disconnected her call..Yes yes I don't know him, and just like Phoebe doesn't know Joey!*Sarcasm*Hey there!I am Guy's girl best friend.Why on earth did he get committed with this hot-ass bimbo at first place?Couldn't he be a little less 'hor... See More
01 Jan, 1970
In Hope Of Our World
In those gloomy nights, my heart still fights.. That day will come or not, when we will tie our knot... I am lost in your words, and that sweet name.. That my peers hate you for I love your bane... I know you do feel but you are locked in a shell.. I don't know why, in your eyes, I dwell so well... Loving you, it's like a Rose guarded by thorns.. A lil of h... See More
09 Aug, 2017
The Killer
As the glass touched her lips, the daddy's innocent girl was long gone. Not that the alcohol made her a bitch or intoxication means one loses one's sanity. But that was the moment, 'it' got triggered. A loud shriek was about to come out of her mouth but she smothered her mouth to not let it escape. She couldn't let anyone find out that she was crying. She was too strong to... See More
06 Sep, 2017