You Will Remember This
Shubhangi Jain | 4 Min reads | July 11, 2017

Remember the day when you came up to me and asked me my name?

I remember how we started talking, about studies and exams.

You and I used to find excuses to text each other.

I never understood why couldn't I message you directly. 

Remember when you came up to me and told me that you don't wanna talk about studies but you wanted to talk about me, to know me, to let me know what you felt and how we brought butterflies in each other's stomach.

Do you remember those late night conversations?

When you used to hide your cell phone and I used earplugs so that if anyone entered the room they couldn't understand if I was talking to someone. My someone.

I was in love with your creepy smile, your not so adjusted hair, your dark-circles, your thin lips.

I was in love with your gorgeous laughter which made me feel complete.

I was in love with your smooth hair and how much you loved it when I caressed it.

I was in love with your dark intense eyes which showed me how much you loved me.

I was in love with your broad smile which came, seeing me get ready.

I was in love with your hands in mine.

I was in love with your every flaw, every perfection.

Remember the time when you couldn't take your eyes off me? When I used to enter the class every morning, that side smile you used to give me. By the end of the day when it felt like we won't get to see each other for rest of the day we held each other's hands telling each other how much we loved each other.

You pointed out my imperfect figure. My fat lip, my weird hazel eyes, my short hair, my name, my life, my love, my way of loving, my way of caring.

Remember when you had an excuse for every second mistake that you did?

Remember when you told me that it's over and you don't love me as you should love your girlfriend?

Why did you come back? Why don't you let me live? Most importantly, why don't you let me forget?

You don't remember. But remember this, I was there till the time I was there. NOW, I am gone, and I will never be there, ever again.

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