Will I Be Home
Shubhangi Jain | 6 Min reads | October 17, 2017

"You won't believe what happened today, Maa!"

"What happened? You sound happy." Maa could feel the enthusiasm in my voice.

"Even this time I have topped in my coaching."

"Great. You are working really hard. You never fail to make us proud."

These happy moments of my parents are the reason to my happiness and this is what I live for.

"It's all because of my teachers and your prayers. Seriously Maa I cannot tell you how amazing it is to study in a coaching centre like GMR Career Point. They have the most qualified and understanding teachers we could ever ask for. I'm so happy that I'm  at the right place."

Being brought up in a small town it was hard to adjust in a big city like Jaipur. But when I see myself coming up with flying colours every struggle has been worth the risk. I am double delighted that I topped all over again and finally I will be going back home this Diwali unlike the past two Diwalis where I had to stay back because of my exams. For a boy studying far from his home, nothing could be as disappointing as not being there during festivals. But finally the time has come and all the hard work paid off. Day after tomorrow is Diwali and I will be leaving by tomorrow to my hometown.

"Did you finish packing?" My Mom asked me inquisitively.

"You don't have to worry Maa. I have packed everything and I am bringing all my unwashed clothes with me so that I don't have to wash it here. I hate washing clothes, it's so irritating."

"That's okay. Did you eat anything?"

"Yes Mom, I'm already done with my dinner and I just have to sleep now. Good night Maa. I will be there by tomorrow evening."

"Good Night, beta."

Gosh!  Finally after six months I'm going home. I'll celebrate Diwali with my family after two whole years. How much have I missed those sweets and gifts I used to get as a kid.

'I better pack the remaining stuff and get to sleep or else I might miss my train.' I murmured to myself and got onto my bed.  

Waking up early has been my worst nightmare. I told my roommate to wake me up exactly at 5:30 AM so that I can leave on time because I couldn't take the risk of getting late, at least not this time. My roommate usually stays up late, thanks to his girlfriend although this annoys me sometimes. But this time it turned out to be a boon. I was excited for the next day and I didn't realize when I slept.

My phone was ringing, that's when I woke up suddenly. Damn! It's already seven. I was in such a deep sleep that I didn't hear my alarm, neither did Ritik wake me up. He was himself in a very sound sleep. Now what? I can't miss the train. I have to somehow reach the station on time. My train leaves in twenty minutes and it will at least take me half an hour to reach there by a cab or an auto.

'I don't know what to do! How will I go home?  I can't miss this Diwali.' I was in total panic. My family is waiting eagerly for me at home. My younger brother is very excited about my home coming. I had already planned a meet up with all my old friends. And after all the planning, now this happened.

"Ritik! Ritik! Ritik! Wake up!"

I begged him to get up and drop me to the railway station on his bike.  He got up and the first thing he asked for was my gaming CD in return to his favour and I gave it to him right away as I had no option left. We rushed down the hostel stairs and Ritik asked me for the keys.

"What the hell dude? How am I supposed to have keys to your bike?" I shouted at him.

I ran to our room got the keys while he hooked my bags somehow on the handles of his bike. He finally started his bike. And that gave a little rest to the rush of my emotions. I checked my watch. It was just 10 minutes to the train. If the real rider Ritik comes to life, then 10 minutes will be more than enough. As he raised the throttle I could actually feel the breeze slashing my face in a fraction of seconds.

I felt an assurance that now I will reach on time and the moment this thought just passed my mind, the bike stopped all of a sudden. And the next second I shouted at him;

"Why did you stop now idiot?"

"I think we are running out of fuel."

 This made my situation even worse. Now I had only 7 minutes left for the train to arrive.

"What do we do now?"

Luckily Ritik knew the place and he realized that the petrol pump was just a 2 minute walk away. We rushed there and finally we got the petrol for which I had to pay, after all it was an emergency situation for me.

It was 7:20 and we could still make it on time, the train stops here for ten minutes and that's the only distance I have to cover but uh-oh my Bollywood moment had to happen right there. Front tyre of his bike got punctured and this was the moment where I realised that I'm not going home this Diwali as well, because there were no trains for the next three days and I had no other option left to reach my city.

'Why does this happen with me?' I asked myself and I just broke down. But I couldn't give up so soon, hence I thought I'll run to the station. I took my bag and started running towards the station.

 After a minute I could hear Ritik shouting my name really loud, repeatedly. Also, my phone started ringing like it was next to my ear. I picked up my phone and I saw my alarm buzzing. It was 5:30 AM, Ritik was actually waking me up. I got up and realized that it was just a dream. My heart was still beating fast like drum rolls. I took a deep breath and hugged Ritik for waking me up on time. Since I still had the fear inside me, I reached the station twenty minutes early and thankfully managed to get my train.

As I sat beside the window isle, watching the lush green trees and farms and absorbing the breezy wind I felt an emotion of contentment. It was just a nightmare which almost gave me an anxiety attack. Never mind after all I am finally going home. And I am sure that, this Diwali is going to be great!

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