Why Did You Do That Didi
Ira Singh | 6 Min reads | August 14, 2017

"Why did you do that didi?" Abidah asked. She was shattered to see the pale bodies of her parents lying on the wooden floor and there was blood everywhere. She was crying hard as a baby. As a 10 year old all she knew was that her parents loved her and her sister. Asmaa killed them for a reason she could not fathom.. And for Asmaa it was an even atrocious situation. Soon the police arrived and took Asmaa along. As Asmaa's husband Abeer was a rich and powerful man they released her from custody on bail.

Asmaa was traumatized too. After all they were her parents. The instant she stepped inside Abeer's house she saw her sister lying on the couch unconscious with bruises all over her body. She started weeping as she held her sister in her arms. She felt so helpless as she ran her fingers on those bruises which were already turning purple. Abeer was enraged when his men informed him that Asmaa was home. He took out his gun and went for his wife. Without a single thought he grabbed her hair mercilessly from behind and dragged her to the garden.

"I will bury you alive today. You have made my life hell. Your father owed me your sister and a lot more. You killed that cheater. Now you have to die too and I am going to sell your sister because you are not worth a single penny." He said.

"Abeer she is a little girl. At this age she should go to school. Please Abeer I will do anything for you. Please leave her alone. Child marriage will destroy her life. I beg you." She said.

"Marriage? Are you out of your mind? Your father left me no option. I will not get enough money from her marriage and you've already killed your parent so no one in their sane mind will marry her. Not even the old men. I am going to sell her to a brothel keeper."

"You filthy animal! I will kill you if you dare touch my sister." She screamed.

"You will kill me. You! Look at you. You are a coward. It's been 6 years during which I have used you, burned you, sent you to my friends place. Girls like you are just toys to me.  I've no interest in you now and even my friends tell me that you bore them. So you see it's time for you to die." He said laughing.

Abeer picked her up from the ground. Asmaa was covered in dirt. Abeer slapped her so hard across the face that her head hit a nearby tree and she fell to the ground. Her vision started blurring. She felt like everything around her was breaking into pieces like her dreams and prayers. She heard Abidah crying "Didi don't leave me alone." But there was nothing she could do. Blood was oozing out of her mouth and her heart refused to pump. She knew she was counting her last breaths. All her life she had faith that someday she will get out of his hell. She tried her best to breath, to get up, to save her sister from this vicious cycle of life where even her heart beats are controlled.

But something inside her refused to give up. She took the shovel lying near the tree and with all the strength she could gather she smacked Abeer's head straight. He fell to the ground at once. She took Abidah's hand and ran into the nearby woods. Everything happened in just a fraction of a second that Abeer's men could not react in any possible way. They tried to catch them but it seemed like god was helping Asmaa.

Due to lack of treatment Asmaa died the same night in the hospital where she managed to reach somehow. Asmaa asked the Doctor to sell her organs to someone in need and give that money to Abidah so she can contact the city's NGO. As she was taking her last breaths, she took her sisters hand and said, "I'm sorry Abidah I made you an orphan but being an orphan is better than being a slave where you don't have a life. Everything happens for a reason. Your choices will shape your future. And every person is gifted with imperishable strength. You only need find it within yourself. Remember that I love you and I will always be there for you." Abidah was taken to the NGO by the hospital staff.

Abidah is journalist now. It's been 15 years. Memories of that day don't haunt her anymore as new ones have already started filling up those voids. Maybe that's why it is said that everything that comes together falls apart. The darkness was falling apart and sunshine was lighting her life for better. 

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