Too Late
Ashish Punyani | 5 Min reads | August 30, 2017

After 5 years, we are finally facing each other. Yes I love you too.

Ah promise me that you won't speak a single word.

Yes, good boy. I want you to listen to me because you tried from your side and I never responded. I will start from the beginning and please don't smile in-between.

I was always a shy girl and you were intelligent plus dumb and always surrounded by our classmates. I had only 2 friends so I was a reserved type of a girl back then. In 11th, I noticed you when you had been chosen as a monitor. Every girl wanted to talk to you and in fact you were quite popular. So when I got that physics assignment and I was wondering that who would be my partner. Guess what? You were written in my destiny. This was the first time we talked to each other. I knew that you will say something so I didn't utter a single word. At that time I was very nervous and you were also behaving like a lunatic AND you didn't say anything. Time passed and for your kind information I knew that you brought a rose for me on my birthday but you didn't gave it to me. Can I ask why?

And when that English teacher was absent and we all were having fun, your friend was shouting that someone is falling in love, at that time I knew that it was about us. You always used to sit on the cross bench so you could see my face anytime but it was hard for me to look back. Remember the day you wore a blue shirt and I wore the same colour dress. My friends were teasing me and at that time I tried to say that I love you but you were nervous and you didn't come to me. Even I couldn't gather courage to say those words. Finally the day came when you gave me something , on the last day of school you left the note in my bag. I read it at home.

The note read:

"It's hard to express what I feel but I want to say that I am in love with you. Totally. Madly. Completely."

I was blushing all night and I read that note more than 100 times. I was so tempted to tell you what I feel about you. On the day when they were announcing results, I was with my parents so I didn't come to you and I am sorry that when you came to me I talked to you rudely. I did that because my mother was standing next to me.

Then the next three years of college, I tried to tell you that I feel the same but you were running away from me like I was some kind of a ghost. It was kind of impossible to talk to you because we were in different section but we used to take 2 classes together. I know you felt bad that I insulted you on that day but you could have tried at least once to understand my situation.

In the third year when my grandfather died, everyone was there with me. Even you were standing there but you didn't gather enough courage to hold my hand. I wanted to hug you and relieve all my pain but I can understand that you were trying not to hurt me. That year we were exchanging words from our eyes. Finally I thought I should say what I feel about you. So I clipped a note in your notebook.

"Meet me at cafe`Koris at 5.00pm"

The moment you read that note your smile was telling everything to me. I reached home and I wore the most beautiful dress I had, even my mom asked me that where was I going but I lied that I am going to Anita's birthday party. I reached before time because I was excited. I thought you would be there till then but you didn't show up. I waited till 6.30 but you didn't come. I was angry and annoyed. I thought I won't ever talk to you. So next day I didn't come to the college so that you could feel guilty. Before coming to the college I was damn sure that I won't talk to you and I would stay angry till the time you don't do something special.

Ok listen!  It's too late, here is your rose. I will come tomorrow, it's 7.00, the old uncle wants to close the Graveyard and I love you.

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