Time To Go Back
Ashish Punyani | 6 Min reads | October 18, 2017

When I was a kid, I used to get 15 days vacations for Diwali, and that meant 15 days for fun and bursting crackers. My mother forcefully used to make me sit in the Diwali Puja and every second used to pass really hard for me. The sound of crackers used to pull me outside, and the thought that my friends will be enjoying bursting crackers and me being stuck at the Puja used to make me angry.

But with the time I grew up like others. I got a job in a software company. It has been 2 years I am working there. So I always look for a chance to go home and these festivals are more loveable just because of this reason.

"And I'm keeping this box of sweets in your bag." I heard my mom's voice from a distance.

Finally the Diwali vacations have ended and it is now time to go back to Bangalore,  the same boring and tiring corporate life. Happy times passes too soon. Only a few days back I came home for Diwali and now the festival is over. Home is fun as you get the VIP treatment. The love you miss for months, gets showered on you within few days. This makes you feel special and that's why you wish to hold those moments for a little longer time. I wish, I could!

Diwali is not just a festival, for me it is a complete set of emotions. Emotions of being there at home. Eating your favourite dishes. Meeting the people whom you crave for the complete year. Looking around and finding happy faces.

"Mom please iron all my clothes before keeping them. I don't get enough time there."

"Don't worry, I have already ironed them all. And don't wear same clothes more than twice. Maintain cleanliness around you." Mom was all set to get into the direction of her gyan darshan mode.

"Arey, he is mature enough to do so. Don't treat him like a kid now. He is a working guy." Dad was in for my rescue as he entered the hall after removing the Diwali decorations.

This Diwali was really special for us. We finally shifted to our new home in Rosewood Apartments. After retirement when Dad planned to buy a flat, this was the first one we looked into, and then and there we were in love with this beautiful apartment by Platinum group. And this Diwali we finally inaugurated home of our dreams.

Last 4 days of festivals passed in a blink of eyes and today is my last day of freedom. Whole festival went beautiful. I met every single relative who lives nearby and also the families who are acquainted. I enjoyed every single moment of this. Now I have to leave. It's hard but that's what life is all about. My mom started packing my bag as my train was at 7 P.M. from the main railway station. I knew that she wasn't happy from inside. I had seen her wiping her tears from her saree while she was packing food for me. Even Dad is upset, but unlike mom he never lets his emotions reflect on his face. Disappointment on the faces of my parents makes me even sad. But then work is work. You live by it.

"When will you come next?" Mom asked.

"I don't know. But I will try whenever I get a chance." I said to her in a low voice.

"What happened?"

That's what makes our mothers Super Mom. Whenever we are low, they sniff it. Lowness in my tone, and she realized that something is not right. But how to tell her? How to break in front of her? I want to go from here with a smile. At the same time I want to tell her that I don't want to go back to that city. I don't get the love there as I get here. I miss the aroma of her hand, in the food I eat in canteen. I miss her whenever I fall sick, as I know that, had I been home, then she wouldn't have slept the whole night just to take care of me. Here, even if I sit alone in my room, I feel the warmth of home. There even after working in a company of more than thousand employees, I'm alone!

"Nothing." I said and acted like I was getting a call and left the room.

That moment I missed my childhood so much. Being a kid, I didn't like going to  school after the vacations ended even though I would be back home within 6 hours. Now I'm compelled to go, without even knowing that when will I be back next. But being a kid I had that leverage to convince my parents for letting me take a day off when I was in no mood for school. But here I can't even convince myself.

Life is tough!

I was finally at the main door of my new home. Dad was already downstairs, waiting in the car. I was waiting for my mom, who was praying for my safe journey. As we were in the lift, I again saw tears in her eyes. I couldn't say anything. I cried a little more, but silently!

As we left the building, I turned around to the main gate which said, Rosewood Apartments by Platinum Group, and it disappeared as we drove ahead.

We reached the station in about 20 odd minutes. The train was already there. I kept my luggage under the berth and sat with my Mom and Dad. Mom was simply looking at me. Dad knew she was sad and he was good at handling the emotions of my mom.

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" He suddenly interrupted

I said no and laughed out, to which even my mom smiled.

*Whistle blows*

They stepped out of the train. I smiled while waving my hand. My Mom and Dad also smiled. I was happy that my trip ended with the smiles of my parents. I sat on my berth and a message popped up. It was from mom.

"You don't even have a girlfriend!"

I blushed...

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