The Thirsty Lover
Harshit Jain | 4 Min reads | September 13, 2017

"Love is just like an ocean, there is plenty of water, yet it can't help you overcome your thirst."

-  The Thirsty Lover

"Baby what about going for a movie?" She asked in excitement.

"Hmm..." I murmured, looking at the bill which stated 2160 rupees.

"Say na? It's been a long time since we went for a movie together."

But I wanted to remind her that it's been only two weeks since our last movie together. But how can I even think of reminding such things? Even though she is wrong, she will pretend that she is right. But if you drop down the reality to her, then you are done. I'm not going to take her to a movie now for sure. What does she think I am? Ambani?

Akash wanted some money. I didn't give it to him so that I could feed her desires. No matter how hard I try to fulfill her desires, her thirst is never over, she is thirsty and she wants more. Akash is going to kill me if he comes to know that I lied to him about the money.

"Let's not brood on whatever has happened, instead let's prevent ourselves from making similar mistakes." 

- The Thirsty Lover

I'm not gonna take her to this movie. Does she have any idea how I earn this much? Does she think this money is produced by photosynthesis and it grows exponentially on a tree? It is the result of my hard work. How would she know that how much concentration it takes to play poker, how much energy it takes to be awake the whole night to figure out the best moves and how much guts it takes to even put your underwear on stake. I'm gonna say no to her. It's a NO bitch.

"Life is continuously teaching you a lesson, but the only problem is that you are busy with your girl."

- The Thirsty Lover

"Baby will you say something? We can also have some fun time there in the theater." She said and winked naughtily.

And my entire plan went down the drain. All the thoughts got clouded and only the word 'fun' made some sense to me. Just one word is enough to divert all your thoughts to the opposite direction. Hard work, energy and daring, why do I do all that? For my love, if I won't spend that money on her, then what would I do with this money. C'mon!

"Don't expect too much, people excite you to get their works done, believe me, you will get disappointment against your higher expectations." 

- The Thirsty Lover

None of my fantasies happened in the theatre. She got all engrossed in the movie and as I tried to touch her, she brutally withdrew herself by saying, "Let me watch the movie." That was some pity animated movie, and I was bored as fuck. The only thing I could do was stalk other people in the theatre, which to my bad, were not too many. It could have been better, if she would have focused on me rather than the movie.

But there was a girl sitting right next to me. I stared at her and to my luck she was gazing at me. Wow. But what do I do now? Had I tried to talk to her, the one sitting right by my side would eat me raw. Still I dared to pass a smile. And we were beckoning each other. I didn't realize when the movie ended and she noticed me passing smiles to that girl.

"You creep!! Get lost!!" She shouted and started walking.

You do something, problem, you don't, problem. What do these girls want? This is it. I'm done with all this shit. What does she think of herself? I'm not gonna convince her this time. Let it be. I thought love is exciting, but actually it's just a headache. I'm done. It's over now.. ..

... ..And it took me three days, and a shopping of 5000 bucks to finally convince her. After all I love her...

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