The Creature Of Night
Arushma Singh | 6 Min reads | August 29, 2017

He was terrified of small spaces. She knew that but she cannot do anything for him. This was their best shot at surviving whatever was out there. They just have to wait for it to go somewhere. She looked back at him; his face was getting paler by the seconds. She knew she had to get him out of here but this was their best shot. Well right now it only looks like her best shot, and if he lost consciousness she knew she won't ever make it out of here. Stuck in such a small space between two huge boulders which just provided enough space for the two to hide, in the middle of nowhere (well technically it was not nowhere, just woods on the outskirts of town) with a passed out guy. What a fate!

"Come on Sam you have to wake up, we have to make it out of here. I didn't hear anything for a while now, maybe it's gone."

He was barely holding himself up. "We have to get out of this freaking place before he becomes unconscious", she thought. "This was a stupid idea", she muttered to herself. With the help of her mobile's flashlight she fished out a water bottle from the bag and gave Sam a nudge to drink some. With little bit of help from her he was able to take small sips and get in some water. He still was no good to her but he was holding himself up at the very least and not passing out on her. She went to her earlier task, trying to pick on any noise or see something from the gap. She could still hear something, she wasn't sure where the voices were coming from, it only indicated to some presence out there. Looking back at her companion she just sighed, he has always been an impulsive idiot getting stuck in stupid situations and now here they are. She should have listened to her guts, warning her not to follow through this plan of his but she just wanted to spend some time with him. They met after so long, almost after a year. He was home for holidays and thought it would be fun to check out the cabin in these woods. It was an abandoned cabin, belonging to god knows who. They stumbled upon it in high school and it had kind of turned into their hangout spot. So there they were, just hanging out with a couple more friends. They left when the sun was about to set, but Sam thought that we should stay for some more time and then head back to the where their car was parked. By the time they left the cabin it was already dark outside, but luckily they found a flashlight in that cabin.

They were halfway through their trek back to the car, when they heard some growling sound from somewhere behind them and the next thing they knew, they were running for their lives screaming bloody murder not even knowing what was behind them. They had heard rumors about the creature of the night which came out in the dark to find its prey. Nothing made sense at the time, they were not sure what they were hiding from but they were hiding all the same.

"Sam I think we should try to make it to the car now, I don't hear anything." Sam just nodded his head at me.

With some difficulty they were able to get out from their hiding place. Sam still could not walk straight and was leaning on me. They kept walking fast to get to the safety of their car before that creature made an appearance.

They almost made it to the car, when they heard that sound on their left. On hearing that sound again, the two ran towards the car in full speed. Sam was no longer tired or anything, the two were running side by side when all of a sudden something crashed into their bodies, they fell down. They were shouting at the top of their lungs for help, when one of them stopped and saw that it was Bruno. Their friend's dog who left the cabin before them. The poor dog was matted with dirt, his golden fur was now black, and he was so happy on seeing their familiar faces. He wouldn't stop licking their faces and wagging his tail. Bruno came with one of his friend and it seemed that he forgot about his dog who has a habit of roaming around whenever they came to this cabin.

Just then they heard the screeching of tires and saw a car stop right next to their car. Their friend stumbled from the driving seat. "Oh, thank God you found him, I thought I really lost him this time", their friend said walking towards them. Bruno happily ran off to its owner. The two friends looked at each other and realized what they had been hiding from for the past 2 hours or so. They were laughing hard as they got up. "What the hell happened to you two", he asked. He was shocked to see the state of his friends, who looked like they had been through hell which they really had been through for no reason at all.

"Nothing", Sam answered heading to his car. His friend didn't question again as he was too busy petting his dog. "You guys up for some dinner before heading back?" Sam asked opening his car door


"Sounds good"

The three friends and the dog settled in their cars and off they went.

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