The Crazy Plan To Dunes
Harshit Jain | 8 Min reads | December 21, 2017

It's almost the end of the year and I have done literally nothing this year, and this has become a repeated story now. Every year starts with some resolutions which can bring revolutions to my life, but all those resolutions are left aside when the sleep and semesters begin to intrude in the life. And by the end of the year all we are left with is regret. Why didn't I join the Gym this year? Why am I still single? Why my grades haven't improved? Why and why I haven't enjoyed anything this year? Regrets and just regrets.

I'm right now sitting in my examination hall. It's the last exam today. Everyone has some or the other plans after exams but to my fate I have got all nerdy friends who are not at all interesting in anything. All they want is hukka, put up in the hostel room and some Punjabi songs to get the feel. It feels really fucked up while seeing all those bastards ruining the plans. All my batch mates have already finalized the celebration for Christmas and New Year eve, except my friends who were discussing which flavor of hukka we will be trying after exams.

Suddenly the bell rang and I realized that the time is over and I have not written too much on the answer sheet. And before I could write anything more, the teacher came and snatched the sheet right away from my hand. One more regret to add to this year.

"How was your exam?" Ankit asked me as we were walking out of the college.

"I just fucked at it." I said. "You tell how was yours?"

"Sab chill hai bro?" He indeed sounded chilled. "By the way bro what are your plans after this?"

"No plans yet, but will soon make some. You say, what's yours?"

"Going to Dunes Music Festival with Aastha." Excitement was already there in his voice.

"Dunes Music?"

"Bro it's gonna be the biggest EDM festival of city. DJs, Dance and a crowd of thousands jumping on the beats, just imagine what crazy day it is gonna be. Why don't you guys also plan for the same?"

It sounded exciting. For singles like me it can be the best way to dance out all regrets of the entire year. Though I have never been to any such before, but I have indeed seen the videos of a bunch of such fests on YouTube and that ambience has tempted me to break the screen and get inside it. But the only question I have is: Is the parliament of the friends going to pass this proposal?


"No No No!! We ain't going in any such party." Said Amit.

"And what will we do in such party? Dance and drinks? Why to waste money when we can manage these both things here only!" Parth added.

And that's the problem when you make plans with your friends. Initially no one gets ready to be a part of it. You try hard to convince them. Nothing works. You make them count all the perks of being there. Nothing actually makes sense to them. BUT, there's always a way. Just know what your friends are chasing. And in most of the cases of engineering boys, who are dumb and lazy, chase remains the same, GIRL. I got my lead. But then execution is the key. I need to pass my thoughts in a manner that can literally make their way to these dumb heads.

So to tempt them for the festival I start doing the homework as every execution is a failed attempted without any proper homework. I went on to search the details and all fascinating things about Dunes. And I finally found the videos from the previous year's festival. Those were indeed fascinating. I showed them to all, they got excited, yet not completed convinced.

Also, I got to know that Sanya was going to the festival. Sanya is the crush of Parth. She is our junior who is really sweet and cute. Parth is one of those introverts who deep inside him knows that he has feelings for Sanya but he lacks the guts of admitting it. This is our last year in the college, so it's the do or die situation for him for admitting his love. If not now, then never!

Every friend circle has one guy who dominates the group. What he decides becomes the decision of everyone else. Parth is the one in our group. So if I am able to convince him, the work is done. And now in form of Sanya, I have found a strong reason to make him attend the fest.


"Dude, Sanya is also going to attend the Dunes. Come on, it's time to admit it. Let's go to the fest, you admit it there." I silently went to convince him.

"No Tanmay no. You know I just can't do that. What if she refuses?" Parth responded after thinking for some moments.

"Bro you know what, I think she also has this soft corner for you in her heart. What if it goes to another level with her? You know this is the only time you have with you. From next year we will get busy in clearing all our backs, semesters and then finally the college ends for us, then life and then responsibilities! If not now, then when will this happen?"

I have somehow felt that Sanya also likes Parth as they share the same level of weirdness when they talk to each other. On one side is our bunch, teasing Parth for Sanya and on the other, I have noticed her friends teasing her as well. And both are the same, none of them is ready to speak it out to the other. Dunes can do the magic for them.

"No Tanmay! No! No!" I had mentally thought that the plan just got finalized, but Parth got nervous and rejected.

Now what? I don't see this plan going anywhere now!


There's one way, but that's quite uneasy. Or can say that can make a number of people uneasy. And that is going directly to Sanya and asking her to invite Parth to the Dunes. As I think she also likes him, and then this might be the last opportunity for her too to confess it to Parth. Let her choose - Last Opportunity or Lost Opportunity!

"Hii Sanya" I called her up as I am really frank to her.

"Hello boss." She replied in her sweet voice.

"Sanya I want to talk about something really serious with you. And be honest." I straight away came to the point.

"Yes boss." Confusion and anxiety were clear in her voice.

"Sanya do you like Parth? He likes you. I know that. You should also know that. But the question is, do you also?"

"I don't know." She mumbled and took a pause. "I think I do, but I really don't know."

That's the problem, within them every one is clear that they do like the other person, but none of them wants to be clear on words. Life could be much easier if you could just speak what you feel. At least there won't be any regrets. Without speaking it out you ain't getting anything, and those unsaid words turn into regrets when mixed with the wave of time. And failure is always better than regret. Failure brings clarity. Regret is just a lost opportunity.

"Sanya, be clear. See this might be your last chance to confess it. Look deep inside you, do you have any feelings for him."

"Boss I think.. I do!" She finally said after a deep breath. "Okay then, do one thing, just call him and ask him to join you in Dunes Music Festival. That can be the perfect time for you both to admit this to each other and end this year with the best beginning in your life."

"Boss what if anything goes wrong?" Her level of fear was same as that of Parth's.

"These 'What Ifs' kill us. Don't think much, just call him."

"Lemme do it then." She uneasily said.

With this I knew I have finally made it to the Dunes. Two reasons to be super excited now, one for Dunes and other for Parth and Sanya. Finally I will see them together. Parth is a real good friend of mine and I know how much genuinely he feels for Sanya. And Sanya, she is one of the best girls I have ever met with.


Minutes later my phone rang, and I knew whose phone call it was.

"Tanmay, from where can we manage the passes for the Dunes Music Festival?"

And with this I gave a devil's laugh. The plan is final now. We are gonna rock the party. With some of the best DJs around the globe, it is gonna be the best way to end this year.


We all are finally here at the party and it's exactly as exciting as I had imagined. Those beats are breath taking. So many jubilant faces around. DJ doing the best job. Lights and sound adding up to the beauty. Those vibrations in the ground. Everyone dancing their heart out. And then me and my friends. Everyone's face lit up. Sanya's group has also joined us and we joined the crowd. Winter evening, EDM, happiness all around and the speeding rush of adrenaline  in our veins. Everyone dispersed in the crowd, lost in their own world of happiness. Everyone was going mad at dancing including me, when I noticed the best couple. Sanya and Parth were kissing each other. I smiled and I again got lost in my own world. Ultimately, this day will definitely be one of the best memories of the future! 


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