The Accord
Shruti Bhatnagar | 4 Min reads | February 08, 2018

"Yes" was the only word that left her lips on the silent starlit night he went down on one knee. "Yes" was all she could say over and over as he embraced her and stroked her tear stained face as she wept with joy.

It was the only word she responded with - amidst barely concealed ecstasy - when he had asked her on a date.

"Yes". That was all she said with a smirk when he brought her chocolates and vodka and sheepishly asked if they were indeed her favourite or did he mix it up again. Blushing, it was her short answer spoken with glee when her friends asked if she had fallen for him.

When they dangled their feet off the parapet sitting next to each other, for a brief moment she felt as weightless as the lantern they had just let go. They watched it float in the sky as it rose higher with the soft wind. "Yes" was all she had whispered in his ear then when he hesitantly looked at her, glancing at her lips with passion and adoration. It was all she had in her mind as she caved in to his warmth and touch then; sure of the fact that this was all she would ever need.

"Yes" - that was what she had said at the altar, followed by two more words - "I do". He smiled and fought emotions welling inside him, and she looked at him with tender pride and love.

"Yes" is what she had said when asked if she was okay as she sat on the hospital bed after her second miscarriage, her face devoid of expressions. It was what she said when he embraced her and wept, saying he missed their baby. It took every ounce of her strength to say nothing after that one word as they broke down and mourned for what could have been.

After months of staring into nothingness, "Yes" was the only word she could utter when he spread their passports and tickets to Hawaii on the table and through a broad smile, asked if she would like to go.

As he pulled her out from the abyss of darkness clouding her mind, she could not help but stop and stare at the sudden strength he had discerned for both of them. It was when he caressed her to sleep every night and reignited her passion for words and poems that she realized she could live again and let go of the past.

And when her sister asked her over the phone in a mock serious tone if she had fallen in love again, "Yes" was all she said through a small laugh.

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