That Gruesome Night
Ashish Punyani | 6 Min reads | August 03, 2017

That night, I woke up from the middle of my sleep, with a jerk. Whole of my body was shivering. My heart was thudding. I was breathing heavily. It was a cold winter night, and I woke up to find myself wet in sweat. Same dream. Again. I stood up and looked here and there. I need some water, I thought and walked out of the bed. I took a sip and closed my eyes. There was the darkness and it again attacked me. I opened my eyes in the fear.

I felt the pain in my left shoulder, it was extreme, and it was not going away from a long time. I was unable to move my neck properly. I noticed tears rolling down my cheeks. It was not the first time, this was happening to me from the last three months, since the time I met that accident. The scene is still clear and I'm still unable to recognize what that was...


Being well educated, I never believed in any superficial things or any paranormal activities. But all your smartness is left aside when you yourself go through such situations. My uncle told me his story once which I never believed was true. He had some important work in Agra for which he, along with my grandfather, had to leave to that place. My grandfather advised him to leave the next morning. But he refused, as they were to mark their presence there at 6 in the morning. So he coaxed my grandfather and they decided to leave just after having dinner. It was around 12 when they left Jaipur.

They drove for about 100 kilometres and were then passing from the place named Mehandipur Balaji. That place is famous for its extraordinary superficial activities. My grandfather used to believe a lot in spirits and ghosts. It was dark at night. There was no other vehicle on either side of the road. The car was in its full speed, when they observed the sudden appearance of a woman in the middle of the road. She was wearing a white sari. Her hair covered her face. She was looking at the car and showed her hand to stop the car. They both were in panic. My grandfather ordered him not to stop the car. Uncle got a lot scared and in the fear he forced his leg on the accelerator with full of the energy in his body. They surpassed her and the car was in its full speed. But, moments later, they found the same woman running parallel to the car, in the same speed as that of the car. What was that? Who was she?

Uncle tried to press the accelerator as hard as possible, but the car was already in its full speed. Even before they could understand what to do, she inserted her head through the glass of the car where my grandfather was sitting. How did she do so? How the mirror was not a barrier for her? It happened. My uncle tried rotating the steering on the other side and the car first hit the divider and then the tree on the other side of the road. Next when he woke up, he found himself in the hospital and my grandfather was no more after that accident. He still has that scar on his face and a fear deep down his heart. Although I didn't believe in it but the story gave me goosebumps.


After the death of my grandfather, our family shifted to Agra, due to business of my father and uncle.


A few months before, I got admission in one of the private engineering colleges of Jaipur. My family didn't want me to leave the city, but then I somehow convinced them and I finally came back to the city I was brought up.

One night, I got a call from my home that my father was severely ill and has been hospitalized for the same. I got worried, so I decided to leave for Agra at that moment only. My family strongly opposed this as it was 10 at night and they were scared of the past incident. But I didn't listen to them, I called one of my friends who had bike and we both left Jaipur at 11 in night. We traveled some odd 90 kilometers and my friend got tired of riding the bike and he said me to take it over. So we exchanged our positions and I started riding oblivion of what place we were at.

I kept on driving for a while, it was then when I saw a sign board and felt a lump in my throat. It was written Mehandipur Balaji. It was the same scene as my uncle described. Road was empty. No lights. I felt shivers down my spine. Even though I didn't believe in paranormal activities, yet the things I have heard about the place forced my heart to skip a beat. I was riding, and suddenly my friends shouted, and pointed towards someone standing in the middle of the road. There was a little girl standing still as if she was waiting for us. I got damn petrified. My friend asked me to stop the bike, but I didn't. Instead I speeded it up. And the same scene which I had only heard was becoming real. That little girl was moving parallel to us. It felt as if she was standing on some flying carpet. When I looked at her, she came and sat over my shoulder. I shouted and I lost the control over the bike, and next when I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital. My friend was no more.

Since then, my life no longer remained as a normal one. I can feel her every time. She is still there, sitting over my shoulder..

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