Proud To Be Lazy
Ashish Punyani | 4 Min reads | August 26, 2017

Hey! Have you seen heights of laziness? In other words, have you ever seen a bachelor? Yes, I am that person. Sometimes I feel that I should be awarded for this. I mean I can sleep 18 hours at a stretch or I can lie down continuously for 20 hours. That takes some serious talent.

Hell Yeah! Dude we bachelors are damn talented. We want some sleep, but what if the light is on? Blankets do the trick. Who the hell will leave the bed just to turn those shitty lights off?

Our food choices reflect our laziness. If you expect us to cook food, then there is only one thing that comes to our mind. MAGGI. Yes, the best and the only food for bachelors. Taste might be a reason, but the main reason is, you need to put very little effort to prepare it. Less effort, great food. We can literally spend days just by eating Maggi.

Dressing up is the best part. We will have many clothes in our wardrobe still you might find us wearing the stinking ones. Laziness is the only reason why we buy so many clothes. Too many clothes, you can spend weeks without washing them. If we don't have that many, no problem, we can wear a pair easily for 4-5 days. C'mon who will wash the clothes every second day. Come to our room, you will find a chair especially dedicated to these clothes. In the era where people don't get enough place to sit, we have given a chair to our clothes.

Mobile is one of our addictions. Most of our time is spent on that. We have to charge it when the battery drains, but the problem is the charging point. It's not in the reach of our hand from the bed. Now what? Simple, we know we are the modern apes. We try to extend our hand as far as possible to reach it, trying to keep major part of our body on that bed. And if this task is done successfully, we know what an immense pleasure and extreme satisfaction we get.

People call this lazy. But dude, we are not lazy; we just don't like wasting our energy on such things. On behalf of people like me, I'm going to tell you that you don't know the happiness in spending time with yourself. Happiness in doing odd things like crawling and putting your mobile on charge, or picking some stuff from the table. You don't know the satisfaction in lying down on your bed as long as you like. Don't worry, we are the most innovative and brilliant people as quoted by Mr. Gates:

"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job... because he will find an easy way to do it."

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