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Lokendra Sharma | 5 Min reads | July 24, 2017

The Day was 7 July, 1999. A company of the 13 J&K rifles was tasked with Capturing the Point 4875. But there was a hindrance in their path. In order to secure pt 4875 the company had to clear a narrow feature with sharp cutting on both side and heavily fortified enemy defenses that covered the only approach to it. This near impossible task was completed by a 24 year young captain, who single-handedly charged through the narrow way assaulting the enemy. He killed 5 enemy soldiers at point blank range, but unfortunately succumbed to the Injuries and achieved martyrdom. This young man was none other than Captain Vikram Batra, the "Sher Shah" of Indian Army. Such was his devotion to the nation that he used to say, "Either I will come back after Hoisting the Tricolour, or I will come wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure."

There are numerous such instances like this when our brave hearts have shown immense valor and strength to protect their mother, India. Countless soldiers have sacrificed their lives in the wars that India fought with Pakistan and China to keep us unharmed from the aggressive Neighbors.

Although it has been almost 17 years since we fought the last war and another being very unlikely, the changing world order and Status Quo, with India Rising as a super power, brings out certain challenges to our national interest and security. India today faces both external and internal threats sponsored by various state and non-state actors. Hostile neighbors, Terrorists, Insurgents, Secessionists, and many other anti-social elements continue to pose a challenge to our national security and integrity. Also needless to mention, India finds itself between two hostile neighbors, China and Pakistan, which over the years have tried to create instability in north and north eastern parts of India using their Proxies. In such a time our Armed forces have kept the Integrity of our nation intact and neutralized every threat to our National Security.

Myself being a son of Air force veteran, who served the Nation for 23 years, have been fortunate enough to see closely the life of defense personnel and to understand the Indian Security architecture. I'm assured that with the Navy securing our waters, Air force protecting our air space, Indian Army providing a deterrent against any foreign aggression and helping in relief operations, NSG neutralizing the terrorists, CRPF quelling Insurgencies in Red corridor and North east, BSF-ITBP-SSB securing our borders, and our commandos confronting any contingency, Indian People are as safe as children in their mother's arms.

We admire you all and your ultimate service to the nation. Nothing is more honorable than Martyrdom.  Your Valor, your Strength, your Dedication, your Guts, your Glory is something exceptional. Thank you armed forces for protecting us at the cost of your own life. Thank you for standing at the border whether it's 50 degrees in Thar desert or minus 50 degrees in Siachen. Thank you for extending the helping hand during natural calamities. Thank you for everything that you've done for us. Always keep us safe and protected.

Would like to end with the last words of Captain Vikram Batra:

"Bharat Mata ki Jai (Victory for Mother India)"

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