In Your Arms For One Last Time
Harshit Jain | 10 Min reads | July 26, 2017

22 Days back. ..


"No! No! No! I'm not going to let you get rid of me."  She said, and the disagreement was all clear in her tone.


"It's not about me, Sneha it's about you. It's about you cherishing your dreams. You have to go." My rhetoric notes seem to be working, which was all visible by her facial expressions.


Sneha, my best friend, my love, my wife, was selected as a makeup artist in a theatre company, which she had applied for before our marriage. It's been only two months of our marriage. Our marriage, it was arranged by our parents, but the bonding that we have built over this small period of time between our engagement and our marriage, has made this the arranged love. May be she was the one whom I was waiting for since last twenty four years of my life. And maybe I'm the one whom she was craving for since last twenty two years. And when these two souls met, the garden of our life bloomed up. She is there with me, every now and then. She is not only my wife and my love, she is also my best friend, a friend who is always there for me when I'm down, sad, alone, bored, every time she is there, with me, for me.


She always wanted to be a makeup artist as she did much of it during her college time too. But, coming from an orthodox family, she was bounded by the cage of rituals and the marriage was the biggest one of them.


That day when I saw the call letter which she was hiding from me, I got to know that she was selected in some art and theatre company, but for that she was supposed to move to some different city. Therefore she denied and she tried her best to hide this from me.


But then, I somehow convinced my best friend to go and pursue her passion with her whole heart, without bothering about anything.


There is something which life had already planned for you. And if it is supposed to happen then it will happen anyhow, for whatever you do to not let that happen. You move one step ahead to in order to break that wire of happenings, the life will bring you two steps behind. A few things are inevitable, they are nourished by the time. And once they happen, life never remains the same. Same happened to her, she went there to cherish her dreams, and what she got there was beyond the worst of what one can think. ..


2 Days back. ..


"You won't believe, it was more than amazing!!" Sneha's excitement was at its peak. She was coming back from the theatre show. She was responsible for the makeover of the leads and she was praised so much for this work of hers.


"That's great Sneha. I love you so much." I was missing her. I wanted to be with her in her happier times.


Suddenly honking sounds started coming out of the phone. And within seconds those sounds were at the loudest.


"Sneha? What happened? Why is it so noisy?" As soon I asked, there was a loud noise of Sneha's screaming.


"Sneha! Sneha! Reply what's happening?"


"Leave me.. Leave me.." Sneha was shouting.


And suddenly a harsh sound. Her phone fell over the ground, yet it was on.


My heart started beating at the fastest. What was going over there?


Some random voices of hooting were audible, unclear voices.


"Aaj nahi jaane denge madam aapko"


"Oye pakad le ise, bade dino baad mili hai aaj koi."


"I beg you please leave me. Take whatever you want, money, watch, phone, but leave me please."


"Arey ye sab tu rakh, hume to bas tu chahiye"


What I was hearing? What was happening? Who was there? Why I was so helpless? She was miles away. What to do? How to reach there? I was motionless. I didn't know what, why, how? There was something wrong. And I couldn't help.


"Please, me haath jodti hu aapke."


Some sounds of monster laughs.


She was being raped. My wife is in the hands of some monsters. And I could do nothing.

The sounds of her screaming were coming out from the phone. Those monsters were eating her.


"Leave her!! Leave her!!" I shouted over the one. But no one could hear. No one, just no one!


My life was destroyed by them. And all I could do was to sit there and listen on the phone what happening. ..



And next when I opened my eyes, Sneha was there in front of me. ..


She was there, laid, insane. My words were inaudible to her ears. My feelings were all touching her body, but unable to get to her soul. Her life was snatched away from her and so was mine. We both were dead. She was dead by her body and I was dead by my soul. Why those bastards did it to her? Why those devils made my love the victim of their lust? She was new to the city and at once they showed her the colors of the place.


I'm sorry for forcing you to go to that big city for chasing your dreams. I'm sorry for asking you to protect your dreams. I'm sorry for not being there to with you when those demons were trying to get on to you. I'm sorry for everything that happened to you. It happened because of me. It happened because it was me who wanted to see you fulfilling your dreams. It was me who wanted you to follow your passion. It was me who wanted you to do all that even when this world was against you.

But I was not aware of the conspiracy of the supreme. It's a sin for all the girls like you to get out of your houses to achieve something big in your lives.


Sneha, my love, was blushing to see me today. Her body was not showing any movement. The girl whose talks were unstoppable, those talks have stopped now, and they have stopped for forever.

Please talk Sneha. I'm dying to hear all it from you. Sneha, I promise I will never get bored of your talks. I will always reply you with the same interest as you show while talking to me.


Broken promises lead to the shattering of the dreams, promises of living, laughing, enjoying together for the rest of our lives, she left, breaking all those promises. My heart started sinking down in that sea of despondency as it couldn't bear the weight of my grief. Was it my mistake or was it the fault of our destiny? Was it the conspiracy of the evils or was it the result of the insanity of this mind? It happened, and it happened to destroy my life. ..



Sneha, all I want is to be there with you, to be there in your arms, for one last time!

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