In The End Evil Dies
Harshit Jain | 8 Min reads | September 30, 2017


The darkness has the power which sometimes even brightness fails to prevail. And he was determined to use that power to kill the evil inside him. People call him a spoilt brat with a baggage of never ending ego. He knew the evil inside him had made him an anti social creature. But today he was here to end that creature inside him. Now he knew what he had to do next.  He hit his head to the wall. The flowing blood from his head hurt the evil inside him. He was screaming and with every scream, the evilness died inside him. Pain which was again and again slurring him, making him realize his helplessness. Making him realize his sin. Making him realize his reality. Standing in the balcony of the 7th floor, he could clearly spot the Ravan burning in the ground in front.


A Few Hours Before...

Arth was half sleepy and his baba was caressing him. He poured his hand into his hairs which made him feel more relaxed. Arth was on his bed from last one month after his leg got fractured. He has been a naughty kid and this time his naughtiness punished him to reside in bed.

"Baba I want to go to see the Ravan burning tomorrow." Arth said in half sleepy and the most innocent voice.

"But beta how will you go there. Your leg is not fine."

"Baba doctor told that I'm almost fine now. So, we can go."

Looking at the hopeful face of his son, Anand could not say no to him and shatter his hopes.

"Fine. We will, but we will watch it from a distance, where there will be less crowd. And promise me you won't cry to go near to it. Okay?"

"Okay baba. Promise!!" Arth said in excitement.

"It's late now. Go to sleep. Good night beta." To this Arth cutely nodded and closed his half-shut eyes. His father and mother looked at him and smiled.

Not many from his family knew that there was a deep sense of understanding behind all the mischiefs he played. He was way more mature than what others thought about him. He was very well aware of his family conditions. He knew why his baba did overtime at the factory every day. He knew why his Aai forced herself to do the stitching work. They both worked their blood and sweat to provide the best to their only child. They wanted to gift him all the happiness which they themselves never enjoyed. Arth knew and understood everything. He knew why he was bought new clothes every six months when his parents have never bought for themselves in past 3 years. He never demanded anything from them. Where his friends had so many toys, he never asked his parents to buy even one for him. He used to find himself satisfied with whatever his parents did for him. The family of three, didn't enjoy too much luxuries in their lives, but what flowed in their house was LOVE.


"Dude we will rock the party tonight!!" Daksh said and inhaled one more puff of the cigarette.

"Yeah! Let's move out." Anmol opened the door of his BMW. He was dressed up in black and was out with the intention of drinking hard tonight.

A spoilt brat, that's what his teachers at school and then college used to say about him. He was bloated up with conceit as his dad has created enough wealth for him. And the power of that wealth landed him gaining all sorts of habits which were not only illegal, but also obsessive and minacious. Just at the age of 21 he started drinking heavily. Drugs were his cravings. He was no more a social guy. He didn't see anyone in front of his money. Prosperity has lead him to blindness.

They entered the club and directly went on to the bar counter. Daksh rolled a joint for them. He came under the control of drugs. Suddenly, his eyes got set over a girl who he seemed to know, within couple of minutes he realized it was Rashika. They both were from the same school. Anmol liked her and had proposed her. But she denied and asked him to be just friends. Soon he realized that Rashika was dating some other boy from their class. He fought with her and they stopped talking.

In his subconscious state, he directly went to her. She recognized him and they hugged. He offered her to dance, she agreed. But she started feeling uncomfortable by the way he was touching her and she soon realized his intentions were driven by alcohol. She tried to isolate herself from him. But he was continuously forcing himself on her. She slapped him hard. And suddenly all eyes were on him.


Arth was very happy and excited about the burning of the evil. Ravan Dehan is one thing he has always been very excited about. He has heard enough stories of Ramayana from his grandfather. Till the time he was alive, he used to take him to the festival of Ramleela, which he enjoyed a lot.

They walked towards the parking side. As promised, he didn't force his father to go inside the crowded place. Also, the place he was sitting, the statue was clearly visible to him and then it started burning. Arth started looking at that and enjoyed the crackers. From a distance, someone was shouting 'Bolo Siyavar Raam Chandra Ki' to which Arth shouted in excitement - 'JAI'.

Finally, Anand was happy to see the smile back on Arth's face. As they burnt Ravan, Arth felt happier. He knew Ravan was the symbol of evil deeds, and he knew it was meant to burn the evil in the society.

"Let's move now before it turns crowded here." Anand told to which Arth nodded.

He made Arth sit on his shoulders and started walking to his home. Soon they were out from the crowded place.

"Baba I want to walk on my own." Arth asked.

"No beta you are still not fine."

"But baba at least let me try." He insisted.

"Okay. But if you feel any pain, then tell me." Anand said and pulled him down. They both started walking to their home.

Suddenly Arth saw the Kulfi-Wala and asked his baba to buy one for him.


Daksh noticed what has just happened and he rushed and handled Anmol. The bouncers asked them to leave. Anmol's ego was hurt. He came out in the state of insobriety. He didn't listen to Daksh. He pulled out the keys of his cars. Leaving Daksh behind, he got into the car, without even knowing where he was going he started driving.


Anand asked Arth to stand there and went across the road to get the kulfi. Arth was standing still looking at his baba buying his favourite kulfi for him. With the kulfi in his hand as he turned back, there was complete blankness in front of him. A car hurried and hit Arth with its edge. Even before he knew what had happened to Arth, the speeding car vanished.

Anand ran towards Arth as he fell on the side of the road, unconscious, bleeding and breathing heavily. He shouted for help. People gathered and they rushed him to the nearby hospital. He cursed himself for bringing Arth here. He felt as if everything has ended for him now. On the day of victory of the good, the evil ruled over his life.


Anmol realized what he just did. He was somewhat back to his senses. He drove so rash that he hit a boy standing by the roadside. He rushed back to the club he came from where he found Daksh. He narrated him the whole incident. Daksh asked him to run away from the city as it might become problematic for him to stay here after the accident. He advised him to leave his car here and take an auto. They both sat into it and left for Anmol's house. The auto passed from the same street where the incident happened. Anmol asked the auto driver to stop there for a moment. He came out of the auto and saw the blood spattered on the road. He heard people talking, that the boy will not survive for too long. On that moment, he realized what a huge sin he had committed, he realized what his life had been, what his life was all about. From beating the people to using his money to do every illegal stuff to not respecting even his parents or teachers, and now he became a killer too who killed an innocent boy, he realized it all. From the people there, he confirmed which hospital the boy was taken to. He came back to the auto and asked him to take them to the City Hospital. Daksh resisted his act, but he knew what he was doing.


Arth was straight away admitted in the ICU where he was fighting the battle of his life and just outside the ICU sat Anand who was fighting with himself, blaming himself, being in the guilt, silently sobbing with heaviness in his heart. Looking at his condition, Anmol realized that he was the father of that boy. He didn't go to him or speak a word. Instead he waited for the doctor silently on the other side. The doctor finally came out. Anand had all the hopes on him now. Doctor said that he will be fine but it might take him some time to recover. That one statement of doctor brought two souls into liveliness, Anand and Anmol.


Anmol decided that he will change himself. He decided that he will kill the evil inside him. He decided that he will confess his crime and is ready to face the punishment of the sin he has committed. He was determined to live a life of a gentleman. He kept staring at the burning Ravan in the ground in front of the hospital area and found the evil burn inside him. He smiled and remembered what he had read in class three that in the end the evil dies!

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