I Love You Mom
Riya Parmar | 5 Min reads | July 02, 2017

     Tears rolled down from her eyes when she looked at that framed picture of her mother hanging over the wall tucked in the mid of a garland. Arohi lost her mother years back. Since then not even a single day has passed when she had not missed her. Her mother's face was all over her mind, her smile, her anger, her humor and her way of making everyone happy, she missed that everything. She saw her inspiration, her sunshine, leaving this world in front of her eyes. Cancer took her mother far away from her.

     Arohi was her father's little girl since the beginning. Though she didn't get along with her mother so well, yet deep inside herself she loved her mother more than anything else. She never thought that she would lose her mother so early. She was just seventeen then and the only child to her parents. Six months ago her mother got diagnosed with lung cancer and their world came crashing down.  Her mom never smoked, neither did she consume alcohol. It was the cruel fate killing her. Chemotherapies, radiations and surgeries made their way into mother's life. They were meant to save her but they were slowly killing her inner self. Arohi could not bear seeing her mother going through so much pain and such trauma, to see her lose her beauty, her hair, her skin go all pale and losing her smile. They did all they could to save her life. But the time was cruel and the destiny had decided something else!

     Arohi saw her mother's dead body lying in front of her eyes. For a sixteen year old girl anything couldn't be as painful as that. She cried, she tried to wake her up, she prayed to god, but the truth was that every succeeding second, her mother was going far and far from her. Life became a misery for her and pain became complimentary.

     Few days later she was sitting and thinking about that all and imagined how many people on this earth suffered this deadly disease and that day she decided that she will help such people to get back to normal. Losing her mother was the most disastrous moment of her life and she wanted to work as much as possible to help cancer patients.


     Arohi, today got succeeded in setting up an NGO which helps in the treatment of cancer patients. Her NGO also conducts various seminars across the country where she and her team spread awareness about this deadly disease. Helping cancer patients make her feel like she is healing her own mother. Arohi lost her mother, but today she is the life savior of many such mothers!

Arohi sat over her terrace, little proud, yet broken. She looked towards the sky..

"I love you, mom!"

This was all she could say and went back to her bed with a dim smile over her face.

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