Flesh & The Bones
Anurag | 8 Min reads | July 02, 2017

     Today, I see 'Girls'. I see girls busy correcting their eyeliner of the left eye when the  wing is not inclined at the same angle as the right one. I see girls, busy darkening the red color on their lips, for the camera is waiting to picture their extra bulging pout which will subsequently add up to the number of likes on the upcoming profile picture. I see girls spending hours on their body! Refining the flesh! Polishing the skin! I see girls, giving trials, re-trials for 'n' number of outfits. They are performing the most troublesome task on earth. For girls with perfect figure (will somebody tell me what's perfect?) want to make sure they look their best. Girls with little bit of bulges want to make sure they hide all of them.

      Girls, who don't fucking dare to post their pictures as-it-is. Before it is posted for the public admiration, it has to go through number of filters, not leaving a single sign of imperfection. If it is still not clear, what I have been focusing on so far, let me just tell you about one of my recent  experience here. Few days back, camera did me a favour. I was amazed and thankful to my friend's Iphone 6 plus. Yes, of course I have that 'girl' in me (but she is not the one who dominates). So, what happened was, within few days of uploading the picture I got more than 2 dozens of requests. For me, it was so unrealistic. It got me to think that just because the camera was in my favour, people are willing to talk to me? Like really? What about the days when the camera would be true to me? (Because believe it or not, pictures are deceptive).

     There is a purpose of going into the details. Wait! I find no harm in taking care of the body. It is where our soul resides. It is important to be clean and look good. Women ARE attracted to the diamonds and glitters and I accept that willingly. God made women that way which is perfectly fine as long as the glitters on you don't fade away the shine of your soul. Some might think that who am I to tell them that. It's a personal choice. Of course it is, but such girls freak me out (but all thanks to them because they are my continuous motivation to write stuff like these). What I am intending to say has less to do with Girls and more about self-obsession. Rather, body-obsession. I don't know how far it will go!  Beauty. It is so hurtful to see, how the definition has been changed. At least the mindsets with which we perceive beauty. This is when you compare one with another; this is when you establish your own standards of beauty, that you find one beautiful and other ugly. Where is the beauty? In the faces?


     Purely in your thoughts my friend which subsequently is reflected on your skin too. And the moment you start seeing beauty in thoughts, even the face seems beautiful. Actually every face is beautiful in the first place. We just tend to compare faces and in the process, beauty cease to exist. Day before yesterday, I had my shoulder and neck X-rayed. Doctor diagnosed and called it XYZ. When I came back home I immediately took out the X-ray sheet. I observed it for some time and I was stupefied. Gosh, I am all bones. You too are you see, the same skeleton with some flesh on it. And what are we morons doing? Polishing the flesh as much as we can? Making it shine some more? Because who cares to look beyond the flesh!

     'Bones' are the reality of the 'Flesh' no one wants to look at. Just stand in front of the mirror for a while. Look at the mirror for a few seconds. Now close your eyes. Pay attention to a little star shining between your brows and the breath going in and out. This is 'YOU'. The one that the mirror showed a while ago, is just handful of ashes.

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