Endings Bring Beginnings
Ira Singh | 5 Min reads | August 01, 2017

     It's been a long time since I'm feeling that I'm the most unfortunate person in this whole world unaware that I have hope to survive and that hope is the greatest thing alive. I didn't realize people around the globe are suffering every minute every second and are still thankful for everything they have and everything they found. There are not many people who seize the day and live their lives with little gifts from God. These types of people are the ones who build themselves as strong human beings not physically but mentally. They encounter blissful deaths and are remembered even when they are long gone. Then there are other kinds of people who take life as a suffering. They know that it's a struggle and part themselves from little joys of the life.

     I belong to the second category. A failure brought my spirits down and my heart was broken and I considered myself as a loser who would never get up again to fight until one day when I realized life is what you make of it. My every decision, every thought is shaping my future and obviously is affecting my current state of mind. I need to choose and understand carefully. Everything I have now is what I've been attracted towards. It's called the Law of Attraction. All your sufferings, happiness, circumstances are a result of your thoughts and deeds. Every negative thought is affecting my  present and future. And the same goes on with the positive thoughts.

     Paulo Coelho said, "When you want something whole universe conspires for you to help you find it." Everything is in your mind and heart. For example if I'll think every day that life's not fair then the universe will conspire to make life unfair. You see, I attracted the sufferings. All we need to know is what your destiny is and then work towards it and then you'll find your happiness, your treasure. The journey will be hard it will become worse day by day. But then you should know that the sun shines after the darkest hours. You should remember all you have is created by your own thoughts and you have the power to recreate them. Attract positivity and hope and remember even when you are closer to failure it's not your last chance. Every chance is second last and everything around you is a soul, a part of universe teaching you what life is. 

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