Dear Little Brother
Shubhangi Jain | 4 Min reads | August 09, 2017

Dear little brother,

Thank you for letting me be dad's favourite. For not telling mom about my bunk plans and all the time my friends secretly came home. I am glad to have you even though you make me want to beat the shit out of you at times. But when you convinced dad that I'm too young to get married or my phone has gotten old, you won my heart again.

I still love you even after all the stupid fights about the half eaten chocolate which belonged to me and my book that you gave your friend to read WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

I know you're thankful too for Everytime I helped you shop for your girlfriend, Everytime I convinced dad that you'll do something good in your life and I made sure mom didn't come to know about the hidden gifts. You've been such a pain in the ass that now I've become used to it.

I wonder what you'd do without me when apparently I'd have to get married or you'll be going to study to another city so far.

You have saved me so many times that I don't even have a count and I know you'll do that for me in the coming time as well. I have always been grateful for my parents but when I sit and think about what my life would have been without you scare me to think about that annoying emptiness I would have had. You, out of all the people stood by me, understood when I wasn't well and did work for me when I couldn't.

It's Rakshabandhan today and I thought it'll be too cliche to tell you all this today but why not?

Also, this means I get 500 bucks extra and two toblerones (one would obviously be given to you because maa will tell me to share).

And don't worry

All your secrets are safe with me.




Next time if you call me to your room for an urgent work and tell me to switch on the fan, I'll beat ya, young man.


Badi behen hu, didi bola kar.                        

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