Contrary Chords But One Heart
Pallavi Agarwal | 8 Min reads | August 08, 2017

Biting cold, chilly morning, hazy foggy ambience and the ice kissing breeze, all are the characteristics of the very famous 'Dilli ki sardi'. The grass was still romancing with the dew drops. Everyone of us assembled in the ground for the morning prayer.      

Chattering teeth, hands suffering from cyanosis, frozen toes that were not at all ready to mingle up with the warmth of woolen socks even after hugging them, all these conditions made it impossible for us to pray the almighty. But our school Principal felt pity for us and instructed the staff to send the children back to the classrooms.

Ah! Just a sigh of relief!

For the first time, I was loving and praising my Principal deep inside my heart.

Reaching the class, I quickly fetched out my history textbook for the sake of passing my class test. After all, on the basis of this test, my teacher was going to gift me the internal assessment marks. I was so determined to fetch out full marks so that I could pass my 10th standard with flying colors. So I just got myself lost in the world of Hitler and Nazi.

'Nairiti..., please help me out in the test. I didn't even purchase the book yet.' A helpless voice just distracted me.

Yess, I was right. He was Naivedya, the guy who got his roll number just after mine.

'Damn! What do you need now?? Anyway, I am not going to help you out. Why don't you study? If you are not making any effort, then why should I help you? Next time, appear for the test after you have read something. Huhh!'

A bitter argument early in the morning was really a bad starting.

And then, Mrs. D'Selva just entered the class and distributed the sheets in a great hustle. As soon as my fingers gripped the question paper, I began to rush my pen at an appreciable pace as I was super duper excited for knowing every single answer. That moron guy sitting behind me was trying his best to peep into my answer sheet and I was stubborn enough who denied even any sort of help. Even after many warnings and threats from the invigilator, he constantly tried the same thing. Then I just stood up and walked straight up to the teacher's table demanding an additional sheet.

Returning back to my seat, I just ran my hands like wildfire to keep myself to the allotted time. Suddenly I stepped my shoe on the crumpled mass of paper below my bench but I simply ignored it and continued with my writing.

Just then, the Principal entered our room and started inspecting the room and as soon as she arrived to my place she figured out that scrunched paper and sensed something fishy.

'What is this? You are using unfair means during test. I didn't expect this from you, Nairiti. Now, let me seal your answer sheet and mark it as zero.' She shouted.

Those rude bitter words crushed my confidence. Dumbstruck, I just stood frozen. Bewildered I was at that time. I didn't know what to say, how to explain....I just stayed tight lipped.

'Ma'am, this cheating material doesn't belong to her. That's mine. I discarded it there after copying.' Naivedya confidently assisted.

Stunned at his self proclaimed statement, I was unable to believe my ears. My brain was questioning for the reason of his lie as I knew that beautiful writing on that small cheating material doesn't belong to him.

As expected, he was awarded a big zero and was kicked out of the class.

As soon as exam session got over, I walked up to him and interrogated about his false acceptance for the deed he didn't commit.

'I am already a spoilt brat, bubble headed and useless guy in the view of all the teachers. So, the 'zero' on my answer sheet hardly matters for anyone. But you have always been an impressive student in the vision of everyone. And that fake cheating claim upon you was sufficient to destroy all your previous efforts. That's why I took the blame over my head.'

Answering this, he went away from there.

Fascinated by his reply, I mumbled 'Bada shyaana nikla yaay ye to'

Inside my head, thoughts were jostling. I realized how wrong I was in judging him.

That incident ignited the small spark for our friendship. Straight away, I went to him. 'Will you be my friend?' I asked.

We both shaked our hands, giving the permission to our new friendship to fluorish.

After then, as the days passed by, he became my most favorite person in the class with whom I got too much attached. He was not less than a family. I used to teach him every topic of history.

Whether it be hide and seek, or the practical classes, or the bench partners or the quiz partners, whether it was drum sheared game or any other activity, every time, we came out as the best companions.

As the tides of time passed by, we both shared the symbiotic bonding. Swooping over on each other's tiffin became the part of our daily routine. We passed our 10+2 with good grades. I shined out as the topper and he achieved satisfactory result. Those three years passed away in no time. From strangers to friends, friends to besties and besties to best friend forever...our journey collected all the good and bad moments and we just showcased those moments in our hearts.

Those school days are gone but our friendship is still alive up to today. He is in Pune struggling with his job and I am here in Jammu getting military training. We still laugh while reminiscing all those "Partners in crime" moments. Cherishing all those lovely memories is bliss. We don't need any excuse or occasion to meet. Whenever we both get some idle time out of our hectic schedule, a video call session is much soothing to connect us again. He is like a fire in the dark who loves me unconditionally.

He is my mirror who not only just spot out my flaws but also rectify them. Distance is just a mere term for our bonding because we both are connected by our hearts. I enjoy his company immensely, I love his lame jokes which just makes me free of all the grievances.

"We are the combination of lots of naughtiness and evil. I am his vampire and he is my devil."

I seriously think that authentic and pious friendship is immune to all greedy temptations. Our love knows no boundaries as our benevolence has made us to become the bondage slaves of each other which we both adore.

I got that piece of paper framed and is decorated on my working table.

Those vociferating words make me emotional, cheerful, and fill me with a great infinite zeal. Those words are

"Nairiti and Naivedya are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER"

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