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Lately, I've found her gone after I wake up. So today, I decided to keep her close. It's 4 in the morning, I'm still awake trying to learn when she goes away. She does look amazing while asleep. The cutest thing I had ever seen. I leant and kissed on her forehead, as a tear trickled down my eyes on to her cheeks. I rubbed it off.

It's 4.30. I'm getting desperate. So I decided to wake her up.


"Wake up honey. Wake up." She woke up, placing her hands on my cheeks.


"What happened baby?" I pulled her up, held her by her head tightly and looked into her eyes, "Are you scared of me babe?" She turned her eyes aside.


I slid her hair up to her ears and kissed her. The ear-held hair revealed a mark on her neck. A reddish pluck. She tried to hide it with her hands.


"It's okay honey. It's mine." I am not angry.


"Do you know Claire, I hate to miss you. I miss you when I find you gone in the morning. I don't wanna share you with anyone else. That's the reason I don't keep any pictures of the two of us together. They say its bad omen if someone stares a tad longer than usual. I want us to be perfect."

I saw her sobbing, trying to conceal her cries. Rubbing her eyes with her palms.


"Hush baby. We're here. I ain't going anywhere".


The scattered mascara and broken voice told a story I didn't wanna hear. So I tied her mouth with a handkerchief. She held my face, rubbing my cheeks. I pulled her closer and our foreheads struck. I could see our tears wet our laps.


"It will be over soon honey." I said and kissed her forehead.


"You know, you make me very angry every morning when I don't see you. Kate laughs at me when I talk about you. Mom thinks I'm crazy. Do you think I'm crazy Claire? I... I think I should keep my voice down. They shouldn't know you and I are here together. But you know Claire, I won't let you go today." I said.


She stared at the scars that filled my forearm.


"Ohh, this is nothing babe," I told her.


Her fumbled cries tried to break out of the concealment I put her in. I caressed her waist as she moaned. Unplugged her belt as she closed her eyes. I pulled it out.


"Come on give me your hand babe" I said.


She obliged and put it forward. I entangled her fingers with mine and we both stared at it. I pulled the handkerchief down.


"You and I are meant to be together", I said as I tied her belt onto our wrists.


She had her Jeans unbuttoned but she couldn't care less.  She knew me. She was scared of me. She loved me.


"It's bliss. Isn't it?" I asked as I finished tying up our wrists. "I don't wanna ask again. Do I?"


"No, yes, yes it is bliss", she prompted.


"That's the reason I love you babe. You know what they say, blood relations are the purest. You and I aren't related by blood. But ours is an honest relation. Isn't it Claire?" I said.


She nodded in agreement. I searched the drawer for the piece of blade that had since given me immense pleasure.


"Oh don't worry we'll be fine. Now, we can't be separated", I said as I pulled back up the handkerchief.


I started carving out beside my thumb, went around my hand, across hers. She closed her eyes as if she and I were one once again. We stared onto each other as the blood flowed down our forearms. I pulled apart the handkerchief and kissed her. I could feel her tears on my cheeks. God, I loved her. 

The head ache had returned once again. It felt like a cavalry trying to run down my skull. I screamed as she got up. I begged her to stay. I was blacking out. I tried to hold on to her but I could no longer feel her hands tied to mine. My heart skipped a beat. It turned black soon. The voices drowned out and nothingness swallowed me up once again.

The bells had been rung. As the screams prompted them to run. The ward boys unlocked room 317 to find David Wilson drowned in his own blood, with his radial artery slit wide open.

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