Bygone Credence
Harshit Jain | 8 Min reads | July 11, 2017

     In the silence of the night and the darkness of the surroundings, she sat. A girl, whose strength was her love, became her only weakness. It looked as if she made it out on her own will, but who would believe what the reality was? She was forced. The stranger threatened her to kill her husband if she refused. But who would believe? Even her love, her husband lost trust in her. She was all alone, in the darkness, crying!

      A sound surrounded the atmosphere, someone knocked the door, but who? Her husband hasn't been home for a last few days, and he is not even responding her calls. Then, who else could be there at the dead of this night. She gathered herself, and dared to open the door. Her tears stopped, and her eyes glittered, as, he came.

"David, where were you? You haven't you picked up my call? I've been so lonely all that time." She ran into him and hugged him.

     He was unresponsive, he was drunk, he just gazed her. She looked into his eyes, and felt uneasy, but she smiled.

"Why are you quite? Talk to me David. I need you. You are the only happiness left in this world for me. Talk to me please." Droplets of tears dominated her eyes and her tongue stumbled.

     Her bare heart needed the coating of his love and her ears were craving to hear the words of love from him. But he stood insensible. Her life was standing lifeless against her.

"You whore! You ho! I trusted you bitch. But what you gave me in return - Infidelity!" He slurred his words and the influence of the alcohol was clearly visible.

     His insinuating words pinched her. Her hopeful eyes lost their vision, and her hopes started flowing out of them. She was blubbering, but he was unable to understand her pain.

"David, please listen me David. I was forced David." She said fighting with her tears.

"Forced! Yes! Your internal desires forced you to fall in bed with some other person." He shouted and he continued. "What not I have done for you. I left my home, I left my family, and even I left my job too! But you?"

"David I was blackmailed. He would have killed you. You are the only happiness in my life. How would I let him do so? I was helpless. I did this just to save your life. David, understand me please."

"Blackmailed, if that could have been the truth, then why haven't you hinted me? You have started knitting your own story. You liar!"

"Believe me my love. It was all a conspiracy of your father. He planned all this. He was behind that stranger." She cried, and she held his hand.

"How dare you to blame my innocent dad. I will kill you if now uttered even a single word from your mouth against him." He tugged his hand from hers.

"Why don't you understand David. He is the only one who never wanted us to be together. He sent that stranger who forced me to make relations with him, or else he blackmailed me that he would kill you."

"Excellent. What an amazing outline you are plotting. And that video of yours with him, people are watching that video with keen interest and calling me saying what a brave wife you've got."

"I don't know how that video was made. I don't know anything. All I know is that I was forced. I was assaulted. I was raped. But I didn't care about myself when it came to save your life." Her words were brimmed with pain, and her tears were unstoppable.

"My life! Whoa! I was already dead the time when you were making out with him."

"David, don't say that. You are the only happiness left in my life. You mean everything to me. I can't survive without you."

"Okay! Then die. Leave me alone. I loved you, and what an amazing gift you have given me in return." He shouted.

"Listen David! Listen!" That was all she could say as he slapped her, and left.

     She was left alone, both in the room and the life as well. Her tears were not willing to stop. She was left all in pain, exploited, raped, and now left alone to die. She loved him, and he left her. Her legs broke down, and she lay half asleep on the floor.

"I loved her. How could she cheat me?" He came in again, controlled by alcohol.

     He was brainsick, alcohol has made him mad. He walked towards her with a knife in his hand. He sat there. He caressed her hairs, and kissed her cheeks.

"I loved you bitch. I loved you. But you are not made for me, you're neither made for this world. It's now time for you to leave this place." He whispered in her ears.

     Before she could utter a word, he slashed her. She was at the loudest of her voice, one more pain added to her sufferings. She wanted to let him know the truth but he wanted to let her aware about his feelings. He didn't stop, he continued. He pressed her mouth with his hand. Her blood was flowing relentlessly. Her eyes were paining, body was straining, brain was sobbing, but her heart didn't want to stop! She wanted to explain him everything, but now, her words are inaudible to him.

     The floor was wet, but he continued. She threw her body, she tried her best, but she couldn't save herself. She went short of blood and finally, she slept till infinity! Between the dimness of the sky and the darkness of the night, she lost herself.

     He yelled out, his eyes were wet in tears and his heart was wet in sorrow. He regretted his life. He was insane. He lay on the floor wet in her blood, unconsciously. Silence surrounded, and the mystery was left unfolded! 

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