Beyond The Dark
Harshit Jain | 3 Min reads | August 23, 2017

Smile of her face was fading and hairs were turning grey. She was growing old. The lady, who spent her whole life helping others, was herself helpless in her ending years. Her son died in a road accident and her husband was suffering from blood cancer. Conditions forced her to be a roadside vendor. She was forced to bribe a cop or else he threatened to root out her stall.


She was a good human with an immense love for children. A little girl from nearby school used to pass in front of her stall. That girl used to call her 'Kaki'. Both shared a bonding of love and everyday she gave her a fruit from her stall.


The time became worse, her husband's condition was turning critical and she needed more money for his treatment. Due to this, she was unable to bribe the cop one day, and prayed him to forgive her. But he didn't care of what she was suffering. It was late at night. He started beating her. He beat her ferociously. He took the money from her stall, leaving her lying unconscious on the road. But there was one person who was watching all this - that little girl. As soon the cop left the place, she ran to her, she tried to wake her up.


She ran for help, and saw some police vehicles passing. She stopped them. They came out but, the lady was no more. The little girl narrated them everything. They took her to police head quarters and called all the officers of that area. She was asked to identify the murderer. She gazed them. She found a known face there, she found the murderer. With a lot of courage she pointed him, as that cop was none other than her father!

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