Because She Is There
Aroma Kalra | 5 Min reads | July 30, 2017

So here am I...

Sitting all alone...

Thinking about her...

Because She is There...

So here am I...

Sitting all alone...

Thinking about her... Her??


Arey wo hi idiot jisne meri life ki mother sister together kar rakhi hai... My best friend... Arini...

NOT even in my worst nightmare I have ever imagined that she will turn out to be the daydream of my life. I don't know when I fell in love with her.


Whether it was our kiddish fights or when we stood up for each other. Whether it was the time when she used to stay awake for my assignments or when I took care of her small wounds. Whether it was the lecture when she used to turn in class to see if I was studying or when she kept checking on my headache while I slept on the last bench. Whether it was the fight when her nails dug upon my chest or when we clasped hands while sitting quietly. Whether it was secret eye locks we shared turning her cheeks red or when I tugged her locks behind her ears. And may be the worst of all... May be..  it was the time I stopped caring.


And her eyes were teary and he came to wipe them off.... He?? Animesh. The guy she is marrying today. He is the perfect guy for any girl. Tall, dark and handsome. IITian. Making a hell lot of money. And he loves her, takes care of her. What kind of stupid girl would say no! So when he proposed, Arini said yes! Ahhh! Screw it!

She is getting married today!

I need some more wine I guess...


"To tu nahi aaya???"


I heard the voice I could recognize in hundreds. As I turned, she was standing right in front of me in the bridal attire. I was gaping at her with mouth open wondering how someone can look so beautiful and edible at the same time and that too in bridal attire.





"Pehle wala meri shaadi mein naa aane ke liye and dusre wala daaru peene ke liye!" She shouted.




"Aur ye wala kis liye tha ab", I was gawking at her.


"Mereko aise aise wala dekhne ke liye.. gande gande khayalo par taalaa lagao", she retorted.


"Jaa tu.. shaadi ho gyi hai teri.. itttti raat ko paraye bande ke paas aate sharam ni aayi tereko.. nalayak ladki"

"Tu paraya thodi hai...tu to mera hai...wo bhi patent karake."
, she encircled her arms around my nape.


"Kya matlab? Animesh?? Shaadi?? Tu bol kya rhi hai??" I asked settling myself on the couch and comforting her over me. Her eyes gleamed in mischief and what she said n did next, was not less than a heart attack to me.


"Kal bol aayi Animesh ko ki wo hot hai...pataka hai..IIT ka hai... aur pyaara bhi hai.... but main pagal hun ki tere jaise murkh se pyaar krti hun. Meko lga tu aayega and utha ke le jaayega mandap se but tu toh fattu nikla..aaj tak nahi bola..ab kya bolega.. isliye maine risk hi ni liya.. Cancel krdi bas...aur ye wali dress apan dono ki shaadi ke liye hai.. Tere mom dad n all sab baithe hain marriage hall me... Bas tera mera wait kr rhe hain" and with these words she kissed me.


I don't know whether my eyes dilated with shock by her words or closed by her action but all I knew was life will now be HAPPY.



She is there!

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