As The Love Is Never Lost
Riya Parmar | 6 Min reads | February 15, 2018

"Hello Mr. Tanmay. We are calling from the Child's Welfare trust.This is to inform you that there is a girl of around 4 years up for adoption who you would be interested in. You can come by tomorrow to meet her."

I just reached office when I got this call.

I'll turn 37 in a few months and my routine consisted of going to office every morning and returning to my empty house, with no one waiting for me. And slowly I was being grasped by depression. I've hated it always and I could do anything to feel alive, to fill that void. So when nothing else was working, I decided to adopt a child.

And now it was happening. I was looking forward to meet this girl. I was working in my office when an advertisement popped on my laptop screen regarding Valentine's day, which was tomorrow. The next second I knew, I was already into the hazy yet the most aesthetic flashbacks from my past.

Roshni Singh. She was magnificently beautiful, big brown eyes, milky skin and the voice which soothed your ears. I met her on my business cruise to Kolkata on February 14, Valentine's day. We were both travelling alone and during the 3 day journey we instantly hit off.

She was so witty and funny and we could talk for hours. We drank, we laughed, we danced. I asked about her family and she told me it was just her father and her. Roshni loved him a lot and worked hard to give him all the luxuries. We exchanged numbers and decided to meet when we both got back to Mumbai. My trip was just 4 day long and I was restless waiting for her. She wouldn't come back till next week and it made me more and more desperate. We would text each other many times of the day. And when she finally got back and we went for dinner, I knew she was the one. She looked so pretty in a pink kurta, her eyes the best shade of brown, and a different level of hypnotizing.

I gathered the strength and finally proposed to her after 2 months. She blushed a scarlet pink but said yes.

It was perfect, we both loved each other so much and three years passed in a blink. We were inseparable. We were mad in love, respected each other, were each other's biggest supporters and we couldn't ask for more.

I was about to ask her to marry me when she told me she was promoted and had to shift to London. Also, her father got diagnosed with cancer and doctors suggested her the best treatment was abroad. I saw my world shattering in front of me.

After many weeks of figuring some way out, and crying and trying to do something, we said our goodbyes. She hugged me long enough for me to lose all my strength to let her go. But eventually she left.

We thought about staying in touch, but we knew that won't work, keeping in mind our careers and the time zones. We never talked after that.

I buried myself in work to avoid her thoughts. It's been seven years since she left and I am here, alone. It's just office and home. It was like I lost interest in every other thing, I tried to get my mind off her and find a new woman to love but couldn't. Everywhere I went, I saw her face.

So I finally decided to adopt a child, and tomorrow it's the day. After two months of dropping the application, I finally found the girl. And I'll meet her on February 14, the same day as I met Roshni, 10 years back.

I couldn't sleep the whole night, I was happy after so long. I reached the adoption office 9am in the morning. I was told I was too early and the officials didn't come yet. The clerk took me to the girl I was to adopt.

The moment I saw her, I knew I had to take her home. She was so cute and pretty. She had the most innocent eyes, and in a sense they reminded me of Roshni. If we ever had a daughter she would be just like her. I took her in my arms and wanted to take her home straight away but the clerk reminded me of the needed paperwork. I played with the girl while I waited for the Adoption officer to come. I was called half an hour later and as I moved in the office, I couldn't believe my eyes about what I saw. There she was, Roshni, the adoption officer. I was frozen, I couldn't move a bit. And so was she when she saw me. She got up from her chair and there were tears in her eyes. She rushed towards me and took me into her embrace. I could not register what just happened, I could just hug her back. I was numb.

I saw the woman I loved after 7 long years. She was even more beautiful. I could not take my eyes off her.

"How are you, Roshni? How are you in Mumbai?" I spoke after I finally believed that it was real, she was real.

"Tanmay" she started crying. It took her a moment to catch her breath and speak. "Dad died two years back."

"I'm so sorry Roshni. I'm so sorry, I wish I was there with you."

" I wish that too, Tanmay. I told him about you when he asked me to get married. I told him I can't marry someone else. He told me to come back here, and find you. Also, he didn't want to sell our house here and neither did I. So I got back. But then I thought you would be happily married by now and I didn't want to wreck that up for you, so I didn't contact you." She took a sigh.

"Oh god, Roshni. You have been in Mumbai for 2 years and you didn't even talk to me.

I didn't marry, Roshni. I couldn't. No woman can replace what we had. And so I turned to adoption, to invest my time atleast somewhere. And see what I found. Along with this beautiful cute girl, I found my love back."

We were both crying by now.

"I still love you , Roshni. I always will. See it's Valentine's day today, the day we first met, 10 years ago. "

She smiled and wiped my tears. "I love you too, Tanmay. It's been just you, all these years. And about this girl you are going to adopt, I adored her so much and I felt sad she was going away today. But now you have her, now we have her."

"She made us meet, Roshni. She is the best."

We were both laughing now, blooming with happiness.

"Let's get married right away. I can't wait to make you mine."

"Have I ever said no to you, Tanmay?"

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