After Love
Riya Parmar | 5 Min reads | August 08, 2017

"I just don't understand him at all. No one is this busy, he just pretends. And all his free time is dedicated to his good for nothing friends." Shreya was shouting from the other end of the phone.

Hey there! I am the common friend of the guy and girl. And maybe this is the reason I had been called 18 times since last night by Shreya. Also to mention, 8 times by Ricky which were all waiting calls. Shreya warned me not to pick any of his calls or she will never talk to me again.

And I agreed, after all there was a time I wanted her to be my girlfriend, but I didn't say anything because of that idiot Ricky.

"Bhai hai tu yar, ladki nahi patawaega?" This is what he had said to me few months ago and I, being a very close friend of Shreya, became their mediator. And soon after, they started with their so called relationship problems.

Half of my pocket money was taken by Ricky to buy Shreya expensive dresses and gifts and yes those expensive dark chocolates which not even Ricky or me have ever bought for ourselves. The other half of my pocket money went on phone bills to talk to Shreya after Ricky would go out with his friends or ignore her calls.

And as a topping on the cake, Ricky fought with me last weekend because Shreya confided in me. The corner of my lips is still swollen because of his punch and maybe his eye is too because of mine.

Why the hell did he get into a relationship with her if he couldn't give her some of his time. Fuck the gifts and chocolates, those were secondary things. All she needed was his time.

But what lesson I learnt from them is relationships now days are too difficult. The girl keeps repeating the guy changed after 2 months and the guy keeps blaming her that she asks for too much of his time.

Do not let the starting days of your relationship keep you in the thinking that it will be all a fairy tale forever, because it fucking won't be.

Your girlfriend will eat your brain and your boyfriend will blame you for everything. But right now more than Shreya and Ricky it was me whose brain was eaten and me who was blamed for everything.

So let's fuck them both. I texted them both "After love - Zindagi Jhand Hai" and blocked both of their numbers.

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